Ashley Graham rose through the ranks of the modeling industry to stardom and now she’s doing the same for motherhood. With 3 under 3, including twins, Ashley Graham, and husband Justin Ervin are rising to the challenge of parenthood. And that means being deep in diaper city.

So, it makes sense Graham would partner with the best diaper brand around: Coterie.

The incomparable diapers allow her to spend more time snuggling and chasing after her 3 boys, and less time changing them, thanks to their remarkable design, superior absorbency, and retentive capacity.

Graham revealed on her Instagram, “With 3 children under the age of 3, I am constantly changing diapers and wiping cheeks. As someone lucky enough to change 3 babies, I made sure to test everyyy diaper and found the diaper of my babies’ bottoms’ dreams back when Isaac was a newborn and I haven’t looked back since ☁️”

She isn’t the only celebrity mom that loves Coterie – Priyanka Chopra Jonas posted a story on Instagram showing her love for the brand. She mentioned how she is ready for the day with Coterie’s diapers and wipes, which fit into the incredibly “chic” Coterie x Caraa diaper bag. Even A-list celebrity Rihanna's new baby is enjoying the comforts provided by this brand.

Here’s why new parents love Coterie:

  • Superior absorbency - up to double the capacity of competitors!
  • Engineered absorbent core and side cuffs to help prevent leaks
  • Wetness indicator line
  • Quick-wicking tech & faster drying time can help mitigate diaper rashes
  • Breathable top sheet for baby’s comfort
  • Ingredient Transparency: 25% plant-based + no fragrance, parabens, dyes, lotions, phthalates, heavy metals, chlorine bleaching, VOCs, or animal testing.

The hype is real. And with their convenient subscription option, you never have to worry about  lugging them from your car or running out of diapers in the middle of the night.

Coterie means less diaper changes and more of what you love, whether that’s modeling for New York Fashion Week, watching Netflix, or cuddling with your little one.

Trust Ashley Graham and us and sign up for Coterie Today!

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