What makes a happy being? According to the team at happy being: a positive outlook, health choices and a million blueberries. We took their advice and gave their white teas a shot. Here's why we are OBSESSED with them.

1. All Of Their Teas Are Backed and Created By Leading Doctors and Scientists.

No fishy ingredients and questionable benefits. Happy Being collaborated with leading scientists and doctors from across the country to craft the best, most effective white teas in the market. Their teas boost your immunity, promote gut health and fight inflammation.

Dr. Leo Galland says, "in each bottle of happy being are Polyphenols (i.e. Turmeric, Tero and EGCG) which are the micronutrients found in certain fruits and vegetables that provide plant-based foods with their wide array of health benefits. Research supports that polyphenols help prevent and treat the underlying causes of chronic conditions relationed to digestion, weight management, brain health, cardiovascular health and immune health."

2. Their teas actually taste insanely good.

When our team first thought about giving their teas a shot, we thought they'd taste like grass and organic-y. But in reality, they taste like an incredibly refreshing fruit smoothie with a water-like consistency.

We LOVE how they have created the healthiest drink on earth and also made it the tastiest drink on earth. Not an easy feat.

3. Happy Being actually cares about your holistic health.

One of their core brand pillars is:

"we're here to share what we know about taking care of our bodies and minds. through our blog & social, we'll make it easy: you ask, we'll share. our community of subscribers receives additional information (collateral, news, sample products, partnerships) that goes even further to support their whole health & well being."

It's about time someone stepped up and gave a damn about our health. Happy Being does that and more with their content, weekly health tips and tricks, and their health-boosting teas.