If you’re like me, busy and stressful days bring you anxiety and bad sleep. And it’s a constant cycle, the more anxiety or stress that I have, the worse I sleep, which leads to be being irritable and stressed the next day.

So when I found Rejuvia’s Sleep and Focus Spray Bundle, I was immediately intrigued. They’re easy-to-use supplement sprays made out of all-natural and organic ingredients to manage anxiety and insomnia. They are effective, fast-acting, and my new go-to when facing stressful situations to stop myself from tossing and turning all night long.

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes Rejuvia a must-have for anyone dealing with anxiety, stress, or insomnia.

Rejuvia’s Sprays are research-backed and filled with organic ingredients, powerful adaptogens, minerals, and essential oils.

Rejuvia makes their formulas out of the highest quality ingredients including organic adaptogens and flavanoids, organic peppermint oil, premium melatonin, and more. These high-quality ingredients deliver effective and quick results. Plus, they taste good! I love that the organic peppermint oil in the sprays keeps my breath fresh and doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth like tinctures do.


Rejuvia’s sprays are formulated with doctors and scientists and tested for purity and potency. The team partnered with leading scientists, researchers, and doctors to develop their effective and innovative sprays, including the unique spray application. Rejuvia continues to test all of their products to ensure they are effective and deliver the results they promise.

Sprays are more effective than typical supplements in oil and pill form.

Oral Sprays are 4x more effective than typical oils and pills. I have tested other supplements like pills, drinks, gummies, and tinctures, but I had never seen or used the spray format, which is surprising because it is more effective than the other formulas. Your body can absorb up to 60% more from spray formulas than oils and pills because they're absorbed directly under your tongue.

The sprays from Rejuvia also feature micro-ionized formulas, meaning their molecules are nano size and easier for your body to absorb. The better absorption, the faster they work, and the quicker you feel the benefits. The most important thing for me when looking for new supplements is effectiveness, and Rejuvia passed that test.

"Both products have helped tremendously with my anxiety. The midnight breeze helps me wind down before bed and fall asleep quickly. The focus is perfect for keeping stress away while at work!" - Meghan V. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s true, I felt the promised effects from both sprays the first time I used them. Once I received the bundle, which was only 2 days after I ordered it, I decided to try the Sleep Spray first. I was in the process of moving apartments, which was causing anxiety and stress that filtered into both my day and my night. I was tossing and turning all night, causing me to wake up exhausted. I just wasn’t getting good quality sleep, and I was struggling.


That night, I used the spray about 15 minutes before bed. Immediately I liked how the peppermint flavor tasted and how easy the application was. I was worried that I didn’t use enough, but I fell asleep almost immediately after I got into bed, so I was fine! I stayed asleep throughout the night, which was the first time I slept through the night all week. The next morning I woke up to my first alarm feeling refreshed and didn’t even push the snooze button. I was ready to go and actually got to workout before starting my day.

"I'm so relieved to have found a product that actually helps alleviate my problems. I loved being able to try both sprays with this bundle, and the sleep spray has pretty much changed my life. I can now guarantee bedtime within 45 minutes for the first time in my life! - Amanda R. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Two days later, I was overwhelmed at work with a lot that I needed to get done that day. But I had so much to do that I was having a hard time focusing, which was causing me even more stress. I remembered I had my Rejuvia’s spray and decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did.


I sprayed it six times under my tongue and was met with a similar, refreshing minty flavor. Within about 15 minutes, I really felt my anxiety about all the work I had to do ease, and I was able to focus so I could cross things off my to-do list. Now Rejuvia’s Focus Spray sits on my desk ready to aid in situations of need. I even used it when I was writing this article!

Rejuvia’s Sprays are portable, which makes them the easiest products to store and bring with you.

I love that Rejuvia’s sprays are portable so I can keep them with me and grab them when I need them. It calms me to know I have this tool with me on the go. I keep Rejuvia’s Sleep Spray on my bedside table so I can spray during my wind-down routine or if I’m tossing and turning, and I keep the Focus Spray at my desk so I can address anxiety or stress caused by work in the moment. If I’m nervous about a social situation, the oral spray fits in my bag so I can easily bring it with me. It’s lightweight like lipstick.

Rejuvia’s Spray Bundle is a travel must-have. It easily fits in any bag so you can whip it out anytime you need it. Travel is an especially stressful time for me that often leads to sleepless nights, so I’m excited to use the Focus spray during travel to keep a clear mind and not get too anxious at things going on around me. I almost never sleep the first night I am in a new location, and Rejuvia can help fix that. I’m definitely going to bring this on all my trips. Plus, I’ll probably gift these to my mom's friends before they head on their trips with their kids!

If you'd like to try the Rejuvia sprays for yourself, click here and remember to add promo code "GET15" for 15% off.