I've been seeing it everywhere - "Sweetkick's Clusters are the new ultimate snack" or "how have you NOT tried Clusters yet?" – Clusters are getting all of the rave recently. And for good reason as I discovered

Their new Clusters are a delicious, effective and incredibly healthy snack that help you tackle (and totally avoid) that 3pm sugar craving you get each day. I am a huge snacker, you could even call me a constant-snacker, but I always struggle with finding a balance between delicious snacks and nutritious snacks.

So naturally, I had to give Clusters a shot right when I found out about them. One taste-test later, I can confirm that they really do live up to the hype. Here are a few reasons why you need to give Clusters a try today too.

They satisfy those 3pm craving in a delicious, healthy way.

Clusters are the best of both worlds. Basically a two-for-one. They not only satisfy and tackle that dreaded 3pm sugar craving each afternoon, but they're also incredibly delicious and healthy at the same time.

Most clusters and granola are loaded with added sugar and filled artificial ingredient after artificial ingredient. I never really realized how much sugar was hidden in my basic granola bars until I looked at the nutrition label – and realized it was the second ingredient and had over 10g per serving. Not cool.

At least personally, I don’t love when my granola mix has more added sugar than actual fiber or protein per serving – it becomes more of a guilty pleasure than a healthy snack.

This is why I’ve become an avid fan of Sweetkick's Clusters- their Clusters have no added sugar whatsoever. From my research, it’s nearly impossible to find a snack like Clusters that’s made with real, science-backed ingredients, actually tastes good and is so effective as curbing sugar cravings.

"I would have never known [Clusters] are healthy :) Delicious, easy and the perfect 3:00pm snack. Ordering more!! " - Courtney F.

Sweetkick Clusters are made with real, science-backed superfoods, nuts and seeds.

It's one thing to taste delightful, but it's another to taste delightful AND be made with real, science-backed superfoods, nuts and seeds. Clusters is just that.

Clusters come in two different flavors: Cashew Macadamia and Dark Chocolate Nut. I personally go for the Combo Pack so I get them both, but if I had to decide, Chocolate Dark Nut is my favorite.

Dark Chocolate Nut includes clean, real ingredients like almonds, pistachio, desiccated coconut, Walnuts, gluten free oats, unsweetened chocolate and more. I’m also a fan of Cashew Macadamia (I’ll typically enjoy a handful with breakfast). This flavor also includes a mix of real, science-backed superfoods including cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, desiccated coconut, brazil nuts and more.

I also love how their ingredient mixes serve a purpose - they’re formulated with nutrient-dense whole superfoods to bring you sustained energy and help depress your sugar cravings throughout the day. They're a midday snack you can actually feel good about eating.

They're the perfect balance between taste and nutrition.

Here are a few of Clusters highlight nutritional benefits that we love:

💪 5g of protein per serving

🌱 5g of fiber per serving

❌ Clusters contain no added sugar

😎 They're soy free & gluten free

Clusters are filling and energizing.

They're also filling and energizing - essential for giving you a boost of energy when you hit that dreaded afternoon slump. Though we recommend enjoying your Clusters by the handful (...big handful), you can also enjoy them on top of yogurt or fresh fruit.

"I absolutely love eating granola, but find it's often super sugary and messy. These clusters are a brand new fave of mine – definitely going to be a snack staple in my house! They're filling & delicious, so I don't feel groggy or unenergized after eating them. Yum!" - Sophia B.

Each pack contains 2 pouches of Sweetkick Clusters. Sweetkick also makes it a point to tell you that they don't believe in half empty bags. Their pouches are loaded with 300g of clusters – all the more reason for me to order again and again.