My addiction to sugar has been catching up to me. I’ve started to become ill more frequently. My  blood glucose levels are constantly raised, which causes inflammatory issues across seemingly everywhere. My daily energy is up and down constantly and I just never feel like myself. Sugar started to take a toll on my health in a way I didn’t think possible.

I did some research and discovered that Americans, on average, consume over half of a pound of sugar each day, which amounts to over 170 pounds of sugar each year*. I definitely fell into that 50%. I also found out that over 80% of the packaged foods I eat daily are loaded with added sugar - common things like bread, sauces, green juices, basic snacks and cereals and so much more. In reality, there were more foods that I was eating regularly that contained hidden added sugar than not. My eyes became wide open to what was really going on here.

I decided it was time to start cutting back on the sugar-packed foods and the sweet delights I was enjoying each day. I was consuming over two times the AHA recommended amount of sugar each day (the AHA recommends women consume no more than 24g of sugar per day and men no more than 36g sugar per day)*. It didn’t take me much convincing to see that it was time to make a change.

I realized going cold turkey wouldn’t be possible for me. Cutting back a little bit each day and letting my progress add up over time was the best way forward. I couldn’t imagine the stress, anxiety and pain that would come with me going full-fledged cold turkey with sugar. If nearly everything I was consuming had added sugar, then how could I possibly change everything all at once and flip my diet on its head?

Enter, Sweetkick.

What does Sweetkick do?

Sweetkick is on a mission to empower you to take back control of your daily sugar cravings by creating simple, effective and clinically-proven products. Basically, Sweetkick products are the exact solution to everything I had been struggling with on my pathway to a low-sugar lifestyle.

I had done a lot of research before deciding to give Sweetkick a shot. I was looking for a solution that would help me work towards my low-sugar goals in small steps, not big, drastic changes. I was also looking for products that were backed by real science and clinical studies, but not overly scientific or would need to be prescribed by my doctor.

This is why my research led me to Sweetkick – their effective and clinically-backed products are designed for the journey, not the destination. Sweetkick's Sugar Control Tablets and Body Balance Powders are easy to use, effective, and most importantly,  only include credible, peer-reviewed ingredients.

I started out with the 14 Day Sugar Reset Program. The program is built to help me rebuild my healthier habits and take back control of my daily cravings. It also empowers me with important knowledge around healthy habits that help me make mindful decisions and re-shape my relationship with sugar. The program includes:

• A two week supply of Body Balance AM Powders

Sweetkick Body Balance AM Powders are packed with a 100% vegan blend of prebiotic fiber, vitamins and minerals and are designed to kick-start my morning. My new routine is to blend one packet into my morning cup of coffee to enjoy.

In my research, I also learned that blood sugar levels are critical when trying to reduce your cravings. I realized I was definitely in the 60% of Americans that consume their daily recommended amount of sugar by 10am each day.* I realized this is why my glucose levels are out of whack and why I’m spiking, then crashing, then spiking again and crashing throughout the day with energy. No wonder it felt like I was living in a constant state of craving.

Body Balance AM Powder helps support healthy blood sugar levels, gut health and sugar cravings 😎

• A Two week supply of Sugar Control Tablets

These are my favorite Sweetkick product. These clinically-proven tablets are 100% plant based and contain the special herb, Gymnena Sylvestre, from India which is otherwise known as the "Sugar Destroyer" – they're super effective and have really helped me start to finally say no to that midday sugary snack.

I used to enjoy a decent sized portion of chocolate ice cream each night (decent might be generous – an ambitious portion of chocolate ice cream). When I first got my Sugar Control Tablets, I started enjoying one a few minutes before it was usually ~ice cream time~ and found that my desperate desire for sugary ice cream started to subside. The tablets were awesome for me - they’ve actually helped me eliminate my craving for ice cream each night with ease!

Sugar Control Tablets help break my sugar cycle and suppress the taste of sweetness from the sugary snacks I crave 🍬

• A two week supply of Body Balance Fizz Powders

Powder To The People, as Sweetkick says. Body Balance is perfect for replacing that sugary beverage I used to have every afternoon. The mix (which is packed with vitamins and minerals) tastes like a delightful berry dream. I’m also a major fangirl of the fact that it’s sugar-free, when most of the other hydration mixes out there are packed with cane sugar and use it as their #1 ingredient.

Previously, I used to use a stick of Lemon Lime hydration mix each afternoon - and it worked, but I found out it had a whopping 11g of sugar! Definitely not for me anymore. Major +1 to Sweetkick for being sugar-free.

Body Balance Powder supports healthy blood sugar levels to help reduce my sugar cravings ✨

• ... And an entire Food Mentor Guide

This guide that Sweetkick includes in the 14 Day Sugar Reset Program walked me through everything - when to use my products, all of the science behind the products and why they're as effective as they are, as well as answering all of my questions and giving me endless tips on kicking my sugar habit.

My Food Mentor Guide (by fitness and nutrition expert Harley Pasternak) teaches me about diet regulation, how to proactively increase healthy fats, proteins, and fiber and includes endless tips on how to achieve a low-sugar lifestyle 📖

The best part about my journey with Sweetkick isn't that my sugar cravings are popping up less and less often now, it's that sweets aren't as enjoyable to me anymore. My list of favorite foods no longer includes Skittles or Swedish fish not because of my decreased cravings, but because I simply don't enjoy the grandiose amounts of sugar anymore.

The work that my Body Balance Powders and my Sugar Control Tablets are doing behind the scenes, dissolving away my cravings and appetite for sugar, is actually helping my brain recognize sugar for what it is: unhealthy, empty calories.

That's what Sweetkick has really empowered me to do – change my habits small step by small step. I’ve still got a long way to go - but I’m glad I finally found a sidekick in Sweetkick to help me get there 😎

*according to the American Heart Association