It's no wonder so many people who are struggling with their gut health are raving about Dr. Ruscio's Elemental Heal. I tried it myself and it changed my life and my health for the better. Here are 5 reasons why you need to reset your gut with Elemental Heal today.

1. Elemental Heal is clinically researched and scientifically validated.

Elemental Heal is designed to give your gut the powerful reset and cleanse it needs and the research and results behind it don't lie. After just two weeks on an elemental diet, 80% of people saw their SIBO breath test normalize, and 65% of people experienced an improvement in their IBS symptoms.

2. It actually tastes good, unlike other elemental diets.

Most elemental diets out there taste either like earth or they taste like dirt. Dr. Ruscio's Elemental Heal isn't one of those. It actually tastes really good - so good you'll look forward to taking it everyday.

Elemental Heal comes in either chocolate or vanilla and is made with grass-fed whey protein. It's the best of both worlds: amazing taste and amazing results. I also really like how it's made with 100% natural flavors, free of artificial ingredients and preservatives AND is gluten and casein free.

3. Elemental Heal seriously works.

I used Dr. Ruscio's Elemental Heal for 14 days and let me tell you - it changed my life. Prior to discovering Elemental Heal, I had been seriously struggling with intense bloating, poor gut health and GI issues every so often.

After just two weeks on Elemental Heal, I can confidently say I've felt so good in my life. I'm sleeping better, eating my regular diet, feeling more energized and motivated each day and my digestive system is finally functioning normally.

Dr. Ruscio's Elemental Heal

4. Elemental Heal is a complete meal replacement.

Elemental Heal is a complete meal replacement. I love taking it in the morning and using it as my entire breakfast. It keeps me full and is very easy on my stomach. I also like how after taking it in the morning, I feel energized all day long.

Elemental Heal has also become a great mental break for me too - since it's a complete meal replacement, I don't have to worry as much about planning, shopping and preparing food. It's my new favorite (and best tasting) meal!

5. Dr. Ruscio is offering you 15% off your first order.

You can even get 15% off on your first order of Dr. Ruscio's Elemental Heal by using the code FIRST15 at checkout. Elemental Heal sells out fast, so I recommend you redeem this offer today.