1. Revel's Ciders Taste Incredibly Delicious

I was introduced to Revel about a month ago from a mutual friend who LOVES ciders. I don’t consider myself a cider person so I didn’t really know what to expect, but gave Revel a try. And wow let me tell you, these ciders taste so good.

They taste like a fruity yet complex blend of nature in a very tastebud-satisfying way. Revel also has a ton of variety in their flavours - my favourite is Cursive, made with blueberries, pears and red wine skins.

2. They Use Seasonal, All-Natural Ingredients

Drinking Revel’s ciders is like sipping on the seasons. Revel only uses real, fresh ingredients from local farms and that is a must-have for me in my ciders. I'm no fan of artificial, suspicious ingredients and Revel checks that box with their ingredient blends.

I found this right on the Revel website and instantly placed my order after reading:

"We treat cider like natural wine. That means everything we make is wild fermented and unfiltered. Our fruit and botanicals are grown locally or foraged in the wild. We don't add any sugar either, making our ciders truly dry - perfect for solo nights after work or casual days with friends."

3. Ciders That Are Wild Fermented Without Fillers

Like mentioned above, Revel's ciders are all wild fermented and unfiltered, which gives you the best of all worlds! There are no fish bladders, milk proteins, ammonia or even added sugars. Revel lets their fruits and all-natural ingredients do the work.

They even list each and every fruit and botanical in their ciders on every product page.

4. Revel Helps Your Wallet, Too

Remember paying over $30 for a bottle of natural wine? Me too. Luckily, Revel puts that to rest.

Their amazing pricing caught my attention - the Essentials Pack only cost me $49.50 for three 750mL bottles. It seems like a lot upfront, but that's only $4/glass for some of the most unique + thoughtfully made ciders out there.

5. They'll Give You A Customized Recommendation

Because each blend is so unique, there’s a feeling of excitement with each bottle that’s hard to find in other ciders and wines. There’s a thrill of discovering something unexpected in every glass. Something different.

Revel helps you discover that excitement by giving you a customized recommendation with their quiz - take the Revel quiz here to get started!