Want to reduce your waste and get great hair at the same time? Here are five reasons why you’re going to want to give The Earthling Co.’s shampoo and conditioner bars a try:

1. They’re plastic-free.

Gone are the days of buying a plastic bottle every time you need more shampoo or conditioner (and throwing out your old one). These shampoo and conditioner bars come in a compostable (or recyclable) box and that’s it. How’s that for eco-friendly?

2. Your hair gets clean without any toxic ingredients.

Sulfates? Artificial fragrance? No, thank you. You won’t find any harsh ingredients in The Earthling Co.’s shampoo and conditioner bars. These cleansers are free from SLS, preservatives, parabens, fillers, or silicones.

All six of their delicious scents are naturally derived (and there’s an unscented option, too).

The Earthling Co. - Sustainable & Plastic-Free Shop

3. You’ll save (so much) money.

Just one shampoo or conditioner bar from The Earthling Co. can last up to 50-75 washes or 2-6 months. These bars go a long way and add up to a fraction of the cost of your regular hair products.

4. They’re easy to use (and to travel with!).

Think shampoo bars sound difficult to use? Think again! It couldn’t be easier to lather up these shampoo and conditioner bars. You can create suds in your hands or use the bars directly on your scalp and hair. The Earthling Co. even makes little pouches made from agave fibers that help lather the bars and preserve their lifespan!

Plus, since they’re solid, you don’t have to worry about storing them in your carry-on. And they won’t leak, making for a TSA-friendly, stress-free travel experience.

The Earthling Co. - Sustainable & Plastic-Free Shop

5. You won’t stop hearing “Your hair looks amazing!”.

These bars seriously work: The Earthling Co. has 9,000+ reviews to prove it. And they’re safe for all hair types: curly, coily, wavy, and straight. Thanks to high concentrations of all-star ingredients, your hair will be clean, shiny, and moisturized–all without any toxic ingredients.

Ready to make the switch? After trying The Earthling Co.’s shampoo and conditioner bars, you won’t believe you ever used so much plastic (and spent so much money) on haircare. Give the bars a try today!