When the world’s most recognized chef  recommends a specific cookware brand, you listen.

With hundreds of different cookware companies in the market, including well known traditional names like All Clad and Le Creuset, and newer DTC brands like Caraway, why did Gordon Ramsay choose HexClad?

If you’ve watched Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef, Kitchen Nightmares, or eaten in any of his Michelin starred restaurants, you know that Gordon has the highest standards.

Enter stage left, HexClad.  Gordon, along with hundreds of thousands of home chefs, recognized that the brand has created a truly differentiated product  with its patented HexClad Hybrid Pan.

HexClad’s Revolutionary  Technology - The Triple Threat

Hexclad invented a patented hybrid cooking technology that gives you all the benefits of a stainless steel pan with the easy cleanup of nonstick plus the durability of cast iron. Their unique combination of interwoven stainless steel and non toxic nonstick coating forms both its highly identifiable design and the core of its technology. The combination allows you to have a nonstick pan that can actually effectively sear.


HexClad put years into developing their hybrid technology and were able to perfect it so well that even the world’s number one chef uses it in his home and wanted to be on the team.

Not only does the hybrid technology make the HexClad Frying Pan the easiest to use, but the quality is also top notch.

HexClad Has a Lifetime Warranty

Less than 1% of people who ordered the Hybrid Pan have returned it because of quality degradation – and from reading the reviews from verified buyers, it looks like virtually nobody has had any issues (4.98/5 stars on over 8,228 reviews).

HexClad guarantees their product quality and stands by it. That’s one of the big reasons why Gordon decided to join the HexClad team – he’s using it because of its great quality and the HexClad team stands for the highest quality equipment.

If Gordon puts his stamp of approval and uses the Hybrid Pan day-in and day-out, I think the pan will be able to handle both my 3-egg omelets and my steak.

The Hybrid Pan Is The Easiest Pan To Use

I’ve talked a lot about how high quality the Hybrid Pan is and the technology that goes into making the pan special, but I don’t want to intimidate people. This pan really is easy to use and great for beginners and professionals alike.

Let’s face it - cast irons are a pain. Yes I know you’ve been using  your great grandmother’s pan from the Great Depression and it’s held up all these years… But if I have to spend more than 90 seconds cleaning a pan, I’m not interested.

Worst yet, traditional cast irons retain the flavor of what you previously cooked. Good luck going from frying fish for dinner to making pancakes the next morning. You also can’t really wash cast iron - and if you do you basically need a doctorate to follow the 2,000 word manifestos on how to effectively re-season and “properly” care for it.

With traditional nonstick pans you’re losing out on the great sear a cast iron or stainless steel pan provides, but the hybrid technology of the HexClad makes that a thing of the past! The great sear and easy cleanup is a game changer.

The only thing better than the awesome performance is its incredible durability.  In addition to the lifetime warranty, Hexclad  is metal utensil safe, dishwasher safe, oven safe and induction friendly.  And yes it’s also non-toxic.

HexClad Is The Premium Cookware Brand

While all of us see all the cute, colorful pans that pollute our Instagram & TikTok feeds, HexClad is a true premium brand. Their cookware combines  both form and function, making them a rare standout in a sea of generic mass-produced cookware we all see on a near daily basis.  The striking black and silver Hexagon pattern is simply gorgeous.

It’s rare to have restaurant-quality cookware that also looks beautiful in your kitchen. The laser-etched hexagon pattern is strikingly beautiful and the black and silver is really sleek. HexClad looks great in every kitchen and doesn’t come across as a children’s toy kitchen set like some of the other popular brands do.

HexClad set out to make the best cookware on the planet - and they’ve succeeded. That’s why Gordon Ramsay is all in on HexClad, and so am I.

“Nothing sears like a HexClad pan” - Gordon Ramsay.