In a market as crowded as cookware, it’s not every day that you see sustained hype that lasts for years. There always seems to be a new, latest-and-greatest kitchen accessory popping up that seemingly fades out of existence shortly after you first hear about it.

From seeing HexClad’s pans on Hell’s Kitchen to walking by their exhibition in Costco or seeing Gordon Ramsay appear on my TV endorsing them, I couldn’t stop hearing about HexClad. But does HexClad live up to the hype?

We happen to think so! Besides being extremely easy to use, the quality of the pan is next level.

We’re not the only  ones who think that - while researching HexClad we stumbled upon a treasure trove of helpful information, including over 9,200 product reviews (with an average rating of 4.97).

Here’s why we’re buying into the HexClad hype.

HexClad Is The Fastest Growing Cookware On The Market

It turns out seeing HexClad everywhere is no coincidence - the company has sold over 1 million units of their cookware since launching only 5 years ago.

While their impressive growth can be partially explained by all the publicity they’ve gotten, the only reason they’ve been able to get that publicity is because their product is loved by their users.

The Quality Is Top Notch

If you’re a fan of Hell’s Kitchen, then you’ve already seen HexClad pans go through the wringer. HexClad cookware is meant to last forever, and the HexClad team stands by that with their lifetime guarantee.

HexClad prides themselves  on providing the best parts of traditional cookware in a single pan. Their pots and pans provide the durability of cast iron, searing power of stainless steel, and easy cleanup of non-stick.

Gordon Ramsay summed up the quality of HexClad pans best here: “These Are The Rolls Royce Of Pans”.

Created For Both Pros & Amateurs

These pans are incredibly easy to use, but built with patented hybrid technology that has given HexClad the most recognition so far: the ability to sear in a non-stick pan. Their pan combines interwoven stainless steel with a nonstick coating that makes this possible while still looking great.

You can flip an omelet and sear scallops in the same pan, and don’t have to worry about your breakfast tasting like yesterday’s dinner like typical cast irons do. I personally prefer to say no thank you to fish-tasting pancakes…

Better yet - HexClad’s pans are metal utensil safe, dishwasher safe, oven safe and induction friendly, all while being non-toxic. As one reviewer succinctly put it:

Love this pan!  I can get a great sear and cook an omelette in the same pan - also metal utensils are clutch especially knowing it's backed by a lifetime warranty - Jason P

Extremely Easy To Take Care Of

Unlike cast iron’s which are notorious for being difficult to take care of, HexClad makes it extremely simple while providing all the benefits of traditional cast iron pans.

Like any high quality cookware, it’s important to properly care for it. Thankfully, you won’t need to follow a 2,000 word guide on how to clean, season, and reseason your HexClad like you often see for cast irons.

There are two main points to ensure your HexClad performs as well as it’s designed to. The first point: HexClad’s design makes it so your pan is heated more evenly and the heat is distributed faster than traditional pans. This means that you should cook at lower temperatures when cooking with HexClad.

The second point: be sure to season your pan properly. This is extremely easy to do and the below video shows you exactly how to do it. You need to season your pan when you first get it and only need to reseason it if you go through a particularly heavy scrubbing while deep cleaning. If you follow these two easy steps, your HexClad will last forever!

Even Their Bad Reviews Are Good

It’s genuinely challenging to find a legitimate bad review of HexClad. The most common knocks on it are pricing. While more expensive than some other cookware, the lifetime guarantee means that you won’t need to rebuy new cookware every few years as the lower quality brands eventually wear out and become unusable.

You cannot be making knives this sharp, this is unsafe!

With tens of thousands of 5-star reviews, I combed through some of their more recent ones that do a great job at summarizing what HexClad excels at.

Life saving cookware set for those that don’t have time to play professionally chef. - Connie B
It is beyond my expectations! After replacing non stick pan, pan after pan due to scratching, HexClad is, by far the best! The even cooking temperature is superb! Highly recommend HexClad! - Jo-Ann P
Absolutely LOVE this skillet. I'm 72 years old, I've used cast iron and stainless [steel], but this Hexclad is the overall winner. Cooks nice and easy, and cleanup is great. Just [add] soap and water, and soft bristle brush. Great product!! Highly recommend. - Richard P
By far my favorite pan now. I’ll even use it if I’m just cooking 2 eggs for my self. I told my wife I want the wok for my birthday - Jim H

Between being the fastest growing cookware brand, the super high reviews, and our experience using HexClad, we can't recommend it enough!