While we all have our personal reasons for taking birth control, there’s nothing personal about the symptoms that come along with it. Even if you don’t take birth control, we’ve all experienced discomfort from hormone imbalance at one point or another. Regardless, we’ve all been there and are all too familiar with the consequences of being a woman.

As most of us do, I perceived birth control symptoms as normal. Whenever I felt any sort of discomfort, I'd pull up my big girl panties and convince myself that “everyone goes through it” – as if sore breasts, nausea, and mood swings made me part of a tribe for brave women.

As it turns out, not everyone goes through it…

A few months ago, I noticed that I was feeling especially awful – I was agitated, fatigued, bloated, and – unfortunately for my boyfriend – had zero libido. After a quick internet search, and skim of the blanket-sized warning leaflet included in my pill pack, I had realized that I was experiencing severe birth control symptoms. All I could think to myself was “how is it possible that my body still hadn’t adjusted to the birth control that I’ve been taking for years?”

Weeks passed and it seemed to only get worse. As miserable as I was feeling, I muscled up the courage to grab drinks with a friend. As girls’ night chit-chat typically goes, I began to overshare about how I hadn’t been feeling like myself lately, and due to all my discomfort, I found it difficult to feel confident in my own skin. Much to my surprise, my friend mentioned that a while back she was experiencing similar symptoms and started taking a hormone balance supplement from Hello.Me and swears by it. Within a few months of taking Hello.Me’s Top Up Tonic daily capsules she felt as good as new.

Hello.Me - Top Up Tonic

Honestly, when I was suggested Top Up Tonic, my initial thought was “another supplement to put into my body?” Given my symptoms from birth control, I was nervous and skeptical to start taking another supplement. But after thinking about it for a few days, I finally decided to give it a shot – and WOW, I am glad I did.

A single capsule is packed with 18 essential nutrients and probiotics, all working to prevent and treat hormone imbalance. I started taking the Top Up Tonic daily capsules with my birth control, and within just 2 weeks I felt like a brand new me — I was energized, less bloated, and in a much better mood! I was absolutely blown away with how quickly it had suppressed my terrorizing symptoms.

Impressed with the initial results, I decided to stick with it and within a month, I was having less breakouts and clearer complexion. After that I was sold — 2 months later, Top Up Tonic is now a staple in my morning routine, and I’m feeling more and more confident with every dose.

The best part is that, unlike having to renew my birth control prescription each month, I never have to worry about getting more Top Up Tonic – their monthly subscription ensures you will have everything you need just as you’re about to run out.

If you're struggling through birth control like the rest of us, I highly suggest you give Hello.Me's Top Up Tonic a shot. Don't be the only one left struggling through the symptoms. You can even save 30% on your first month with code HELLO30.