Over the weekend, my husband and I came across Rejuvia on TikTok and their very unique sprays. They weren't too expensive, only $60 (but $45 with a code I'll put at the bottom), so I figured we both should try them. I ordered two bundles.

Rejuvia's spray bundle includes a focus spray for daytime use and a night spray for nighttime use. And WOW. These things work like NOTHING I have ever tried before.

The focus spray immediately makes me feel focus and relaxed, just like a more chill but focused version of myself. It's perfect for in the morning right before I start my work day and also after lunch when I need an afternoon pick-me-up. It also tastes great too. Like a minty tic-tac.

But most importantly, the sleep spray.. this thing has brought me the best sleep I've ever had in my life. Rejuvia recommends using it 15 minutes before you get into bed FOR A REASON. This spray knocks you out. After 8 sprays under your tongue, you are ready to sleep in 10 minutes. It's crazy. I figured something had to be off, so I checked the ingredients but found they were all organic and natural.

According to Rejuvia, the sleep spray features their proprietary and all-organic blend of cannabinoids, adaptogens and sleep minerals. I finally feel good about supplements I take.

It's CRAZY how effective the sleep spray is for both my husband and I. We used to be constantly waking up throughout the night but now we consistently sleep through the night without any problems. Life changer - thank you Rejuvia!!

PS - the discount code I mentioned. They are running a sale on their site now on their Spray Bundle for 25% off with the code GET25 - just make sure you use the code before the sale expires!