If you're like me, you cannot live without that midday sweet snack. After all, how else am I supposed to get through the work day?

I'm always on the hunt for the best candy out there, and I've recently found a new love for authentic licorice. The taste is so satisfying to me, but I wasn't able to find a staple brand until I came across Licorice.com — before this find, I resorted to standard grocery store brands, but I was never impressed with the taste.

I was introduced to Licorice.com by a friend of a friend at work, and let me tell you, it changed me and my tastebuds for the better. Think of it like Amazon, but exclusively for the best licorice selection from around the world.

Licorice.com has over 50 unique, global flavors of licorice from the best and most coveted licorice makers in the world - Italy, Australia, Spain and more. Wanting to start with the basics, I tried their Austrian Red flavor first — I wanted to try a familiar flavor before testing my tastebud boundaries with some of their more exotic flavors.

I placed my order and before I knew it my Austrian Red licorice was at my doorstep — I didn’t have to wait to dig in! Initially I was a I was a little thrown off that shipping was $9.95, but from my experience it's ABSOLUTELY worth it. I figured it would take a week or so to receive my order, but it got to me in just 3 days! Ecstatic, I ripped open the box and immediately indulged.

Licorice.com - Authentic Licorice From Around The World

Without a doubt, this was the best licorice I've ever tasted. It only took me a few bites to realize I found something truly special. The only problem was that my tube became empty pretty fast. I'm thinking I need to cut the twists in half next time so they last longer!

The flavor was full, satisfying and authentic! I had finally found a natural, strawberry-flavored licorice that satisfied my cravings. As an added bonus, the texture is so soft and smooth that the licorice tastes better and better with each bite.

Naturally, I had to stock up BIG time. I re-ordered a boatload of my new favorite Australian Red and also ordered a bunch of their Australian Black for 20% off with the code PP20. I'm not a huge black licorice fan, but if their Australian Red was this good, their black flavor will definitely follow suit. Stay tuned for my review of it!

For starters, I highly recommend you try out some of their Australian Red - use the code PP20 for 20% off (which basically makes the expedited shipping FREE) and finally enjoy the best authentic licorice on earth.