If you're like the rest of us, then you can't live without that post workday glass of wine. I live for it. But recently I've been looking to switch it up and try some new (and healthier) options.

I explored the standard wine options a little more, but didn't find anything that was truly unique, I tried a few of the white wines out there and fruity seltzers, but couldn't imagine enjoying those flavours everyday. I was looking for something that was made of healthy, natural ingredients and was bursting with flavour. My friend introduced me to Revel Cider - I'd never heard of them before!

And let me tell you – Revel changed my tastebuds for the better (and how I thought about that post-work beverage that saves me). Revel Cider is a celebration of fruits, flowers and feelings. Basically, they turn delicious fruit ciders into damn good natural wines.

It's not your standard cider - Revel really does push the boundaries with their fermented fruit ciders. Their ciders start out pretty similar to natural wines, but then the Revel team takes a ton of natural botanicals and local fruits (foraged and farmed) and turns them into something incredibly unique and highly desired (by me, especially).

Revel Cider

The first time I tried their ciders (my favorite is the Sonata from The Sampler Pack), I was pretty shocked to be honest. I was thinking it would be overly fruity and not have that crisp taste wines do. I was VERY wrong.

It tasted like a blend of nature - in a fruity, powerful and delicious way. It definitely caught me off guard – I'm used to all the standard (and boring) cider offerings and didn't realize they could taste so complex, fruity and powerful at the same time.

If you can't tell, I fell in love with Revel the second after I tried it. I initially tried their Sampler Pack - they offer all of their different flavours on their website individually, but if you want the full gusto, go for The Sampler. It comes with 4 different flavours: the Time and Place, Ostara, Perry de Coupage and Sonata. All of them are quite different and let you explore natural flavours in a really cool way.

Revel's amazing pricing also caught my attention - the Sampler Pack cost me $55 for 12 cans. It seems like a lot, but that's only $4.60/night for a wonderful glass of wine. The Revel team is also saving my wallet too.

Revel Cider

I also found this quote directly on their website which was what truly convinced me to purchase:

"We treat cider like natural wine. That means everything we make is wild fermented and unfiltered. Our fruit and botanicals are grown locally or foraged in the wild. We don't add any sugar either, making our ciders truly dry - perfect for solo nights after work or casual days with friends."

In all, I highly recommend you give Revel a shot. Find their Sampler Pack for yourself right here.