If you're like me, then taking care of your landscaping every Spring is your worst nightmare. It seems like it's an endless treadmill - weeds popping up everywhere, mulch beds never seeming to be just right and worst of all, a lawn that never looks up to par. I'm able to get my lawn looking pretty good and green for about a few days and then it goes back to it's standard yellowish-brown color.

The constant guesswork and extra effort I put into my lawn care for little reward seems to be getting worse and worse each year. It always starts with marching down to the local home improvement shop and aimlessly wandering the aisles for that one-size-fits-all 50lb. bag of lawn care treatment that never actually works.

It's either that the basic products you find at your local shop simply don't work or my lawn needs something special. It's a constant struggle. As hard as it is to worry about my own yard, my one neighbor isn't shy about showing off bright green grass all year long. Pristine landscaping and a bright, luscious green yard. I wanted what they had. I finally mustered up the courage to ask how they've made their lawn so green.

They told me about Sunday and mentioned it's changed their lawn care routines forever. Sunday makes it simple, easy and seamless to always have a beautiful lawn while taking all of the heavy lifting and guesswork off of your plate.

Sunday's program starts by using cutting-edge climate and satellite data to assess the size of your lawn to make sure they send you the perfect amount of lawn care to cover your entire lawn and craft a formula specific to your lawn's needs. It's pretty incredible. All I had to do was type in my address on their website and they gave me a full recommendation specific to my own lawn - I'd never seen anything like it before.

Once you put in all of your information and get your lawn care plan ready to go, everything you need for a beautiful, greener lawn is shipped directly to your door hassle-free. Remember the aimless aisle wandering I said I used to do? Sunday eliminates that. Sunday also takes all of the guesswork out of the equation with their soil analysis.

I thought that there had to be a catch, but there wasn't. My Sunday Lawn Care Program was delivered right to my door (pretty quickly too) and I immediately got to work. The treatment pouch screws right onto your hose and all you have to do is start spraying across your lawn. It took me about 10 minutes to treat my entire yard and then I just sat back and watched the greening begin.

Sunday - Get Ready For Spring

In a few days my lawn was the greenest I'd ever seen it. Bright green. If you were driving by, you'd probably stop to take a hard look at it. I was shocked at how well the Sunday program worked based on the little effort I had to put in - I was sold on my first shipment. I also didn't realize Sunday was a full fertilizer replacement - making my life even easier.

Sunday additionally sent a soil test kit in my first shipment for me to send back to them so they could perfect my product's formula even more. It's clear that Sunday truly cares about my lawn and making it look and feel the best it ever has. Another added bonus is that it comes as an annual subscription, so I never have to make the multiple, dreaded trips to the store or scramble at the last minute to find lawn care. Sunday ships it exactly when I need it.

The best part, though, is that their treatments are made with mystery-free ingredients. No need to worry about unwanted chemicals and toxins - Sunday uses cleaner ingredients that let you enjoy your lawn and not worry about what's on it! It's been a game-changer for me and my family this year.

I highly recommend giving Sunday a shot - it'll change your lawn care routines for the better. Use the code PREMIUM20 on their website and save $20 on your first shipment. Trust me - from my experience with Sunday, it's absolutely worth it.