Every year, right when winter is ending and spring is starting to come around, I go to the home improvement store and never know where to even start. Lawn care seems so complicated and requires a ton of time, effort and money. The worst part is I can never get my lawn to green up and look healthy throughout the year. It's a never ending loop putting in extra effort and time and getting little results.

This Spring is going to be different for my yard, though, and I'm confident about that. I'm planning on using Sunday's comprehensive Lawn Care Program this spring. I found out about it about a year ago right when I was struggling with my lawn, but decided to pass. That turned out to be a mistake – I ended up going through the entire spring, summer and fall with a mediocre, half-brown, half-yellow lawn filled with weeds. Not fun.

Sunday creates a fully-custom lawn plan for you by using cutting-edge climate and satellite data to craft a plan that fits your lawns' exact needs. Sunday's program is not a one-size-fits all type of deal like the lawn care products I used to buy at my local home improvement shop - it's completely tailored to my lawn and my lawn only.

I'm using Sunday this year to accomplish the following: strengthen roots across my yard with custom fertilizer, repair bare patches, overseed my yard AND keep pesky weeds from popping up all spring long. It seems like a lot, even to someone who spends the entire weekend landscaping, but Sunday makes it incredibly easy to accomplish.

Sunday Lawn Care Before & After

After you put in all of your information in their lawn care customizer and select the plan you want to go with, Sunday delivers everything directly to your doorstep (fertilizer, weed control, premium seeds, and more). All of it. You can forget those dreadful trips down to your home improvement shops to haul a 50lb bag of one-size-fits-all treatment. They do all of the work for you.

The amount of time and work Sunday saves you with their seamless ordering experience isn't even the best part. Putting your lawn care to work is almost too easy, effective and even fun to do. All you need is a hose and you're ready to transform your lawn into everything you once dreamed it could be. Sunday sends you step-by-step instructions with your plan and makes a green lawn easily achievable.

Use code PREMIUM20 and save $20 on your first Sunday shipment 🌱

In reality, it only takes about 10 minutes to apply the fertilizer on your entire lawn with Sunday. The hose attachment is quite convenient and makes the process go quickly.

Another perk of Sunday is that they even take all of the guesswork out of the maintenance side of things for you by doing all of the planning. They'll send you a new box of fertilizer whenever it's time for you to re-apply, so you never have to guess when the right time is. Sunday tells you!

If you're long-time-lawn-struggler like I used to be, I highly recommend giving Sunday a shot - it'll change how you take care of your lawn forever. Use the code PREMIUM20 on their website and save $20 on your first shipment. And trust me - from my experience with Sunday, it's absolutely worth it.

Use code PREMIUM20 and save $20 on your first Sunday shipment 🌱