V-Flat Boards are taking over the photography world and finally give photographers an easy-to-use, highly capable tool for light. Here are four reasons why you need to get one today.

1. V-Flat Boards Are Basically A Two-In-One

V-Flat is designed to give you two functionalities, but in one board. You can use the white side of your V-Flat board to fill in shadows and add light to your subject. Then you can flip it around and use the black side of your V-Flat board to enhance those shadows and add a bit more drama to your shots.

2. Professional Photographers Need Professional Tools

Professional photographers need professional tools to get top-of-the-line shots. V-Flat's boards let you control and craft light like your job depends on it.

3. A V-Flat Board Will Take Your Product Photography To The Next Level

A V-Flat board will take your photography capabilities to the next level and beyond. Their boards can reflect light, subtract light, block or flag light and can even be used as a background. A V-Flat board does everything you need all in one tool – which is why they're considered that most versatile product photography tool out there.

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4. 50,000 Photographers Use V-Flat Already

Photographers everywhere are raving about V-Flat. Their boards have changed the photography game for the better, so it's no wonder over 50,000 photographers are using them. Find out why by seeing what a V-Flat board can do to your shots.

V-Flat is even offering you free shipping ($25 value) and 10% off your order of a Duo Board with code DUO10.

Get 10% off your Duo Board with code DUO10