If you’re like me, then getting to sleep and staying asleep each night is a constant struggle. You have a hard time actually being able to fall asleep in the first place and then it’s almost impossible to not wake up in the middle of the night. It’s tough. And it seems like there's no feasible solution.

Luckily I came across Somnox a few months ago. Somnox is a science-backed sleep companion that helps me regulate my breathing and calm my mind so that I can finally start sleeping like I should be and conquering my days at work. I’ve been using my Somnox for a few months now and it’s an absolute game changer.

Luckily, Somnox is releasing their Somnox 2 soon and they're giving you a chance to sign up for early access and the inside scoop. Here are five reasons why you need to sign up today and not miss out on more restful sleep again.

1. Somnox actually helps you get to sleep and stay asleep.

It's plain and simple: I had never slept so well and felt so alive in my life before I discovered my original Somnox. It's been a game-changer and has been the only thing out there that has truly had an impact on my ability to fall asleep each night and sleep more deeply.

I had tried everything related to improving my sleep hygiene - yoga, mediation, specific breathing routines, and more, and nothing at all seemed to help me sleep. I wanted something simple, all-natural (no pills or suspicious sleep supplements) and something that was proven by science. Luckily, my original Somnox hits all of those points, and I can't wait to get my hands on my Somnox 2.

2. It helps to calm my mind and ease my stress.

I've come to learn that the biggest reason why I'm not able to sleep at night is my mind. It's always overactive during the day with my responsibilities at work and at home with my kids. I usually have a hard time calming down and easing my mind when I get home for the night.

I wish it was as simple as just "leaving all of my problems at work", but that is definitely easier said than done. With Somnox now, though, I can confidently say I'm able to calm my mind and ease my stress and anxiety each night before bed. Being able to do this with Somnox has definitely helped my overall health, but most importantly, it's helped my sleep and my ability to fall asleep.

If Somnox's original companion can do this, then I can't even begin to imagine how powerful and helpful their second version will be.

Somnox 2 - Early Access

3. Somnox's companion helps to regulate my breathing and make it easier.

Somnox's companion is backed by deep science and lots, and lots of data. That's why it's so focused on helping you regulate your breathing and using your breath as a superpower.

Decades of research shows that breathing can slow down racing thoughts at night that often keep us awake. I never knew that. Working on your breath is also proven to reduce stress and anxiety while also lowering your heart rate and combating panic attacks.

I also love how the Somnox 2 helps to take my meditation to the next level. You can choose from a curated list of sounds to listen to as you fall asleep to help release tension, improve your sleep cycle and calm your mind.

Somnox 2 is simple, all-natural and proven by science 😴

4. The improvement in my sleep helps me be healthy, safe and energized each day.

Until I browsed around Somnox's website, I didn't even realize that more people die each year from drowsy driving than drunk driving, which is another reason why I am so obsessed with my Somnox and can't wait to get my new Somnox 2.

The better sleep each night that Somnox has brought me so far not only helps me feel healthier and more alive each day, but it also keeps me feeling safe and in control of all facets of my life.

Even Roy Raymann, a PhD Sleep Scientist, says that"the key feature of Somnox is to guide the breathing of the sleeper. Somnox makes use of principles that have been shown to be beneficial to sleep.” It makes sense based on my personal experience and the fact that 3 out of 4 people confirmed they achieved better sleep when using Somnox (according to Somnox's in-house study).

Somnox 2 - Early Access

5. You can even get VIP access to the release when you sign up today.

This is the best part. Somnox is releasing a the latest version, Somnox 2, soon and you have a chance to sign up today to get early access and the entire inside scoop. All you have to do is click the link below, follow the instructions and get ready to start sleeping like never before.