I've been seeing Sunday Lawn Care pop up all over TikTok recently. It’s starting to feel like I'm the only one that doesn't have a bright green, luscious lawn that Sunday delivers with ease.

I wanted to change my lawn care routine this spring and and finally got Sunday's Comprehensive Lawn Care Program. I did a lot of research on my options, including all of the basic (and usually harmful) ones you can find at your local home improvement shop, and became really attracted to Sunday because:

🌱 Sunday gives you a free soil analysis to help deliver you the perfect (and totally customized) treatment for your specific lawn. All you have to do is put in some basic information here to get one.

💪 Sunday eliminates the need to haul home those 50lb. one-size-fits-all bags of fertilizer and lawn treatment from your local home improvement shop. Sunday sends everything directly to your door, 100% hassle free.

💚 Sunday is made with mystery-free ingredients. No need to worry about the unwanted chemicals and toxins anymore that the other standard options typically have - Sunday uses better ingredients so you can enjoy your lawn and not fret over what's on it!

😎 Sunday takes out all of the guesswork out from finally getting a bright green & luscious lawn. Sunday sends you a new box of fertilizer whenever it's time for you to re-apply, so you never have to guess when the right time is.

I also love how easy it is to actually use Sunday - it only takes about 10 minutes to apply the fertilizer on your entire lawn. The hose attachment Sunday sends you is very convenient and makes the process go quickly. Remember having to spend an entire weekend prepping and treating your lawn? Yep - Sunday gives you that time back. Ahhhh, freedom.

If your lawn is struggling like mine used to be, you should definitely check out Sunday and their comprehensive Lawn Care Program. Tell them you found them on TikTok and use code PREMIUM20 for a whopping $20 off your first shipment.

🌱 Use Code PREMIUM20 For $20 Off Your First Shipment