Looking to get engaged but not sure of the best way? Here are 6 reasons you should consider a lab created diamond.

1. They’re visually identical to natural diamonds.

Did you know that lab created diamonds look exactly the same as natural diamonds? I couldn’t believe it at first, but after comparing them side by side, it’s true! They’re exactly as sparkly and beautiful - I couldn’t tell them apart. It’s because lab diamonds are “crystalized carbon” - just like natural diamonds. They’re the same mineral.

Pretty awesome, huh? In fact, the only way jewelers tell them apart is by an inscription that is only visible under a microscope. So, if the look of a diamond is what you want, but you’re hoping to save some cash, a lab diamond is a great choice over a natural one. Cha ching! More on the $$$ below.

2. They’re sustainable.

If sustainability is your game, lab diamonds are rockstars! One of the coolest things I learned was that many lab created diamond companies grow diamonds using sustainable energy like wind or solar power. New “CVD” technology (kind of like 3D printing for diamond crystals) also uses less space and less energy than older technology.

So, even less impact on the Earth. Some companies I found even bought carbon credits to completely offset environmental impact. So, definitely look for that extra environmental effort when you’re shopping around.

3. They’re ethical.

I know when I started looking at engagement rings, I was super concerned with ethics. I didn’t want my ring to hurt anyone. So, I was also psyched about choosing a lab diamond because, obviously, they aren’t mined! So, no mining the Earth, and no people in mines, either. Lab diamonds are grown in controlled, safe environments by gem scientists.

One company I found, Do Amore, goes even further to positively impact the world: with every ring sold, they build a well in a developing country to combat the water crisis. Whaaaaaaattt?! So definitely check out the ethics of each company you look into - getting engaged can make a bigger difference than you ever thought possible.

When you buy a Do Amore Lab Diamond you're helping the world too 💎
Do Amore

4. They're grown in the USA.

Want to support American business? Me too. I found several lab diamond companies growing diamonds right here in the US! I thought this was a neat feature, as natural diamonds do not grow here.

So, my ring was not only created here in the US, so was my diamond! I love that this means my ring supports our economy and our technology advances.

5. They’re inexpensive.

One of the biggest reasons I first considered a lab diamond was the great value! When I saw that lab diamonds are only 30-50% of the cost of natural stones, I had to check it out. And these stones deliver.

So, if you’re like me and looking for max bang for your buck (and who isn’t?!) your dollar will go further by choosing a lab diamond. Bigger rock for less money? I’m in.

Do Amore

6. My go-to lab diamond jewelry brand, Do Amore, does all of the above plus a bit more.

Choosing a lab diamond was easy for me because of the value, ethics, and beauty. And it was even easier to choose who to buy it from. Without question, my go-to lab diamond jeweler is Do Amore!

They are super ethical, carbon neutral, fair in price, and transparent in their supply chain. But most importantly, they have one of the most amazing social impact missions I’ve ever seen. And I love that my ring has helped bring clean water to someone in need. If this sounds like your kind of thing, check them out here.

Do Amore does it all: value, ethics & beauty 💎