We love a good farm-to-table restaurant. Going paperless helped the world and saved our sanity. And of course, we reduce, reuse, and recycle. So when it was time for one of us to start looking for an engagement ring, we knew we wanted the most ethical choice.

On our list of must-haves were:

  • 100% conflict-free or lab created diamond
  • Recycled gold band
  • Custom design
  • USA made
  • Ethical company
Do Amore

A quick search yielded many online jewelers that claimed to be eco-friendly. Several offered custom designs. A few offered recycled gold. Only a couple mentioned where their rings were actually made. But only one met all our requirements and actually gave back. Without question, the most ethical engagement ring in the world comes from an online jewelry company based out of Houston, Texas named Do Amore. Check out these six ethical home runs that won us over:

Ethical Diamonds

Straight away we noticed that all of Do Amore’s diamonds are either conflict free or lab created. Their site even offers separate Conflict Free and Lab Diamond search engines to help you find the right stone. Since we were seeking maximum ethics, the ability to choose a blockchain diamond was an extra perk. The staff at Do Amore provided us with the diamond’s journey from mine to ring, including the name and picture of each person.

Recycled Precious Metals

Recycled gold was a requirement of our ring, so we were excited to learn that Do Amore has been signed on to the No Dirty Gold campaign since Day 1. All metals Do Amore uses are recycled, meaning less impact on the Earth. And, we were reassured that the band would be just as beautiful and strong as new gold, because recycled metal is refined in the same way. It’s just more sustainable!

Do Amore

Carbon Neutral

One of the huge perks we learned of was that Do Amore is carbon neutral. That means for every action Do Amore takes, it purchases carbon credits to offset its impact. “Many of our lab diamonds are created in carbon neutral processes to begin with, whether that be through solar or wind powered labs” remarked the company’s founder, Krish Himmatramka. “However, we also purchase credits to offset other impacts, such as shipping and manufacturing. This means each ring we create is fully carbon neutral, which we believe elevates the beauty of engagement.”

Ethical Service & Pricing

Given its significant charitable impact (more on that below,) we were pleasantly surprised to find that Do Amore is very competitively priced and offers price matching. And that this value did not mean sacrificing good customer service (like we experienced at a few other online stores.) “We take each and every ring we create very seriously, and make sure that we give each couple max bang for their buck” wrote Do Amore’s gemologist, Corinne Taylor-Davis. “Our rings are each individually crafted, we offer full CAD custom design, and also individualized diamond searches per our couples’ parameters. We delight in making ring shopping an easy, special experience for each couple.”

Do Amore

Giving Back

Out of all the neat ethical commitments Do Amore makes, what really blew us away was their mission to give back. Every Do Amore ring gives a person in a developing country access to clean water. This way, by choosing Do Amore, you not only get an ethical engagement ring, you actually help change a life forever. And they even prove it to you with GPS coordinates and a photo of the water well your ring helped make possible. That, hands down, wins the game.

Check out Do Amore, the winner of the World’s Most Ethical Engagement ring, here.

When you buy a Do Amore Ring you're helping the world too 💎