"MO-OOOM, WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!" I hear that question constantly - almost everyday once 5pm starts to roll around. It's started to make me cringe recently. I hardly have the energy to whip up a five-star dinner night after night, let alone plan out a week of meals in advance. The stress is catching up to me, and my lack of planning skills is too.

I've come to realize that relying on the frozen foods jammed in the back of our freezer isn't sustainable for me, my husband or my kids. I believe my family deserves to eat fresh, healthy and delicious meals each night, but I just couldn't figure out how to deliver them consistently without becoming a full-time chef. I figured the time was coming when I had to change something. After all, it's not all that fun living off of cardboard box food and hearing your kids tell you your meals taste like cafeteria food.

I'm in a group on Facebook for moms in my local neighborhood and saw that everyone has recently been talking about eMeals. I was basically the only one who didn't know what eMeals was or wasn't already using the service. After researching and asking other moms around the block about their experiences with eMeals, I knew I had found the solution to my dinner planning and shopping dilemma.

Very simply, eMeals helps you plan ALL of your meals, generates a customizable shopping list, coordinates the grocery shopping and lets you cook delicious food night after night. I'm used to seeing all of those already-prepared food weekly services, but I never liked those because I love cooking for my family. I'll never give up the cooking part, but will absolutely let someone else do the planning and shopping for me.

I gave eMeals a shot after hearing all of my friends raving about it. Getting started was easy. First, I created an account with eMeals and downloaded the app. They even give you 2 whole weeks completely free! Then, I started selecting the meals/recipes I wanted to cook for the week. They make it really easy to not only plan out a week's worth of meals, but also select delicious and healthy options.

Get 14 days of eMeals free when you sign up today 🍳

But wait, there’s more. As you select the meals you want to make, eMeals automatically creates a shopping list with all the ingredients necessary for your recipes. No more writing out your grocery list and hoping you don’t forget something! They almost make it too easy.

The next part is my favorite. eMeals allows you to send your shopping list over to one of their multiple partners for easy grocery pickup or delivery! And they’ve got great partners that I trust - like Amazon, Walmart, Kroger and more. As you might expect, I selected grocery delivery and had Walmart do the shopping and delivering for me.

It seemed too good to be true. There had to be a catch. I thought maybe eMeals would eventually turn into some sort of boring meal delivery service or something similar, but I was wrong. eMeals really did solve my dinner planning and shopping dilemma and STILL lets me cook delicious food for my family. Just don't tell my husband I'm not doing the shopping anymore.

The recipes never get old either. My family and I have been using eMeals now for almost two months and I don't think we've had the same thing twice yet (maybe other than that INCREDIBLE pasta primavera that my kids now beg me to make every Thursday night).

Get 14 days of eMeals free when you sign up today 🍳

So now, before every busy week begins in my household, I'll go onto the eMeals app on Sunday night and start selecting the recipes I know my family will love. Even my kids and my husband have started to help me select things they'll love. My husband's favorite recipe is their low calorie roasted butter garlic chicken, cauliflower rice and sautéed vegetables (I admit that it's as mouthwatering as he claims).


I will say, as a commitment-phobe, I'm always wary about signing up for subscription services, but eMeals makes it super easy by letting me change my meal plan at any time. Plus, I don’t have to commit to a certain amount of meals per week.

From my experience, I highly suggest giving eMeals a shot. It'll change your life in the kitchen for the better! They offer you a 14-day free trial on their website - take advantage of it here.

Get 14 days of eMeals free when you sign up today 🍳