If you're like me, and the rest of us photographers and content creators for that matter, then you have a really hard time finding photography tools that are both versatile and practical. I'm on the road a lot for my shoots - constantly having to pack everything up in the back of my car and then haul it all around various spots to get the shots that I want. And let me tell you, the equipment I use isn't lightweight and easy to carry around.

It also doesn't do a good enough job to warrant all of the hassle - especially my lighting and background equipment. It seems like I'm doing more lighting and background adjustments at my shoots than I am actually shooting and creating stunning content. It's a grind.

I always find myself carrying around these gigantic (and quite ugly) pieces of black and white cardboard that help shape the natural light in my settings. Don't get me wrong – they can shape light well, but they're a pain and definitely have no other functional aspects.

I've also had times where I had to hire an assistant to help me hold cardboard in certain spots across my studio to shape the light and limit any reflections in the backgrounds I try to use. I've been on the hunt for a product that takes all of this unnecessary work out of my routine AND makes my final shots even better.

Luckily, one of my photographer-friends who I shoot with pretty frequently introduced me to V-Flat World's Board. She kept going on and on about how their board changed her photography like nothing before and I could even tell what she was talking about by looking at some of her shots from before and after she started using her V-Flat Board.

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V-Flat Boards are portable, practical and versatile photography boards. They have a ton of different purposes. It can be flags, used as backgrounds, bounce surfaces and more. It's really cool - it's like five tools all in one!

V-Flat Board

I ordered a V-Flat World Board recently to give it a try in one of my shoots. As I was browsing their website, I noticed they had a ton of 5-star reviews and a big community of photographers like myself raving about their boards. Why didn't I hear about these earlier?!

My V-Flat was amazing, very versatile and did exactly what I've been dreaming about for years. I can finally say goodbye to those old, beat-up black and white cardboard pieces I used to use each day.

I even used my Black & White Foldable V-Flat Board as the main background for some of my headshots in one of my more recent makeup shoots. The shots turned out really crisp and my models loved them. There was no hassle at all setting it up and no problems with any reflections or light distortions.

My V-Flat is also easy to travel around with - the board I ordered is only 24" x 24" and weighs less than two pounds. It also folds up nicely and fits right into the trunk of my car when I have to travel to other studios to shoot. It's become a new essential for me, my clients and my photography game.

I definitely recommend you consider getting a V-Flat Board - it'll bring your photography and content to a whole new level. V-Flat is even offering you free shipping ($25 value) with your order of a Board today with code FREESHIP at checkout.

Get Free Shipping ($25 Value) With Code FREESHIP