1. Bimble Actually Works, Unlike Other Similar Beverages

Bimble works like nothing I've tried before. Bimble embraces the full entourage effect in their beverages and uses the highest quality, domestically-sourced ingredients to actually give you that calming effect you're paying for.

Bimble uses the best and most effective hemp extract from across the country in their beverages AND they create highly-effective formulas by adding rare cannabinoids to turbocharge their formulas– it's no wonder they're known as the only drink to unleash the full power of the hemp plant.

2. Bimble's Bottles Give You That Old-School Comfort and Relaxation Feeling

Forget suspicious metals or harmful plastics that you see everywhere hurting the environment– Bimble's made with glass. The design of the bottles definitely gives you that relaxed, comforting feeling - after all, you're doing good for the earth AND yourself when you're enjoying a bubbly Bimble.

3. Their Beverages Are Crafted By Beekeepers

Bimble is family-owned and family-made. And the two founders are beekeepers and gardeners. The raw honey that Bimble uses in their drinks comes directly from the source, which does two things at once: help the beekeeping community and help Bimble deliver a far superior beverage.

And let me tell you.. The honey tastes out-of-this-world. It's the freshest, most natural honey I've ever tried and I just can't get enough of it.


4. Most Importantly, They Actually Taste Good

This is definitely what caught me by surprise - Bimble actually tastes really good. I thought it'd be another one of those all-natural, earth-tasting drinks, but it's not. Their Grapefruit Basil and Mint flavor is my favorite. It tastes bright, full of citrus and like something I could drink 24/7/365.

I'll typically enjoy a Bimble in the middle of my workday. It helps me feel calm, but focused, as I get ready to take on the afternoon and gives my tastebuds that sweet satisfaction they need.

5. You Can Try Bimble Yourself For 20% Off And Free Shipping

Bimble is even offering you a whopping 20% off of your first order and free shipping. Just use the exclusive code PP20 at checkout and remember to thank us later, after you're all chilled out.

Bimble also offers same-day shipping in Manhattan, Brooklyn and LA.

Although we only recommend brands we truly love, this may be a paid partnership with Bimble.