Ritual's Men's Multivitamin is getting a TON of hype lately, and for good reason. Their Essential for Men multivitamin is designed to help fill key nutrient gaps in men's diets and is made with high-quality, well researched ingredients from across the globe. Here are 5 reasons you need to give it a shot today đŸ‘‡

1. Your Diet May Not Be Doing Enough

Even though we all do a lot to try to eat a healthy and balanced diet, it may not be enough. For example, over 70% of men don't get enough Vitamin E and over 97% of men don't get enough Vitamin D from their diets.

Ritual created a simple, clean and high-quality formula to support key nutrient needs with their Men's Multivitamin.*

2. Ritual's Multivitamin is Made By A Team Of Skeptics

Created by a Harvard-trained physiologist, biochemists, and registered dieticians, Ritual set out to reinvent the multivitamin, without the B.S. – forget the shady additives or suspicious ingredients. Ritual shows you each labeled ingredient’s supplier and key studies that helped formulate their vegan-friendly multivitamin.

It's game-changing and has allowed me to not have to worry about what I'm putting into my body when it comes to my multivitamin.

3. It's Formulated With 10 Key Nutrients For Men

Essential For Men is formulated with 10 key nutrients, all in 2 easy-to-take, minty-fresh pills. Key nutrients, including Omega-3 DHA, Folate and Vitamin D, help support heart, brain and muscle health as well as normal immune function.*

And let me tell you – after taking my multivitamins for about two months now, I feel great.


4. Essential For Men Is Created To Be Easy On Your Stomach

Unlike some multivitamins, Ritual has actually formulated their Essential For Men to be easy on your stomach, thanks to their innovative delayed-release capsule design. So you can enjoy taking your multivitamins (with or without food) and focus on your new habit each morning.

5. Ritual Makes Your New Habit Totally Seamless

I always struggled with building a habit out of my multivitamin routine each morning, but Ritual makes it so easy. The multivitamin comes as a subscription, which I absolutely love. Forget having to remember to reorder month after month. The subscription is easy to start or cancel AND it backs out to only be about $1/day.

Ritual has turned a dreaded routine into something I look forward to each morning - taking my two multivitamins each morning definitely gives me a jumpstart to my day.

Want to level up your routine even further? Ritual just introduced a daily protein powder, made with the same Ritual standards, that gets you $15 OFF when added to your multivitamin subscription.


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* Although we only recommend brands we really love, this is a paid partnership with Ritual.