This past holiday season, all I wanted was a new cookware set. And I didn't even know where to start or which brand to check out for one. But my friend bought me a Caraway cookware set and I HAVE NOT STOPPED COOKING.

I was opening the gift and simply was amazed at how beautiful and shiny the pots and pans were. I've never seen cookware like that. I'm used to it being all dark colored and beat up, but Caraway puts that to shame. I got bright red and blue pots and a beautiful yellow sauce pan.

I immediately started cooking right after opening up the beautifully packed box. I, of course, had to start with scrambled eggs and test to see if it was actually non-stick or not like they claim.


The eggs slid around (sunny-side up, of course) like it was no one's business. I did a little bit more research on the pans after being blown away by them, and they are 100% teflon free and all of their materials are safe and non-stick. They're a home run.

Even the convection pots and pans are incredible. They heat up very fast and evenly spread the heat out - so it's not just concentrated in one area. Pretty cool.

Overall, these pots and pans from Caraway have been a life-changer for my me, my husband and the sanity of my kitchen!